Adrenus Craton


I am an international artist, creative director & photographer. I was born and raised in Texas. For the past decade or so I've made my home in New York, Poland, Bulgaria and London - currently, it is Brighton.

As an artist - From the very beginning, it has always been my dream to share my ideas on how the mind interprets art. Everything started when I was 4 years old, passing artwork under my parents' door. This journey has been exciting. Since then, I have held several international art exhibitions, and have private collections around the world.

As a photographer - My world of photography began thru travel, candidly capturing people of all nationalities in their various cultural environments. Traveling has presented so many opportunities to meet several special, beautiful and talented people. So, in 2011 this lead to the founding of Novelmodels Elite - an avant garde agency aimed at highlighting the creative world of fashion and photography, and also shining a bright light on the "beauty" of philanthropy.

Who you are - (nationality, where are you living, age ? your background)

I am an artist first - then a creative director & photographer. From childhood, art has been the defining factor of my life. I was born and raised in small-town Texas, USA. My background heritage is varied on both sides with African, British, Irish and American Indian to throw into the mix. I am the youngest and the only girl with three older brothers. I moved to New York City at age 19 and lived there for some years, before embarking on an over a decade long journey exploring mostly all of Europe, parts of Africa & now the UK. As an artist from a very young age, I have held several art exhibitions in Texas, the artists' heaven in Soho New York, Krakow Poland, and Sofia Bulgaria. Currently, I reside in the UK and recently I moved from London to Brighton's seaside in June 2014.

Adrenus Craton Where is your favourite playground?

My favourite "playground" as of yet, has been in Paris. Living in London has made it quite easy to hop a train back and forth, even gulping down Paris Fashion Week in one crazy whirlwind day. Street style, catwalk, and backstage in Paris is incomparable. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Shiatzy Chen, Valentino, Hermes - I like that their playground has now somehow become my playground as well. So far I've made over 10 - 15 trips back and forth from London for work and pleasure, and I hope to make it back every other fashion season coming up.

Where does your inspiration comes from?

That's a good question, although one that does not have a short answer :) ...My inspiration comes from whatever I find beautiful - so it practically comes from everywhere. I am in a constant state of inspiration. For instance last year I had a great opportunity to attend Ghana Fashion & Design Week, which has been supported by West Africa's "emerging talent" from the continent.

The platform is still so young, compared to the fashion weeks around the world (especially from New York, London, Milan, Paris & in South Africa). Simply the energy behind it was inspiring like I never thought possible. There is just something about being in Africa that ignites the inner spirit. When I saw that Ghana Fashion & Design Week was being covered by international press and global media, I knew it would be something beyond what most Westerners would come to expect. Most of us only have a stereotypical knowledge of what African fashion

Adrenus Craton

Any idol?

That is also a good question, as I've thought about this a lot over the years. So, I apologise that I am unable to make it any more brief :) As a fashion photographer, I look up to Annie Leibowitz, Mario Testino, and Patrick Demarchelier - I admire the dynamics of their photo shoots, cover shoots, creative direction, going one step above all others, and having made a distinct name for themselves. It is all something I wish to learn from and relate to. However, as a trail blazer, trying to making positive social change from within the


What do you like about street style photography?

Everything I've learned about street style, I've learned while living in London. What I like about street style in general is its unpredictably. I would define it as personal style in its highest degree - especially during fashion weeks when everyone seems to be their own style icon. I love how you come to "meet" the personality of each individual even before knowing their names. Street style photography can sometimes be a bit intimidating, but I do enjoy the more personal approach and high energy aspect this type of shooting offers.

What do you like and hate in the fashion industry?

What I like in the fashion industry is the creativity that it spawns, the need for models that it creates, even sometimes the controversy it entertains. I especially like the opportunities for travel that it presents. But above all, I like the philanthropy that it supports. I appreciate when journalists, celebrities, models and big personalities use their popularity in the fashion industry (sometimes gained by this illusion of exclusivity) to bring attention to more important social issues related to the designers they are wearing. I applaud those who use their influence to get the world to take notice of the bigger picture, the bigger humanitarian side of things that are affecting us globally... such as human trafficking, inequality, preventably/curable disease, poverty, search for clean

Adrenus Craton Where do you want to be in 5 years?

In 5 years, I would like to be creatively directing and photographing covers for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle and other widely print-issued magazines. I would like to see the socially focused mother-agency, Novelmodels Elite, on its way to becoming one of the world's top model agencies. Not in a competitive sense, but more in the way of fulfilling a new niche in the industry. I would like for Novelmodels to have become the new age of Supermodels, fulfilling the growing need for a more socially focused view towards the fashion industry as a whole. In 5 years, I want to be making a noticeable difference from within the fashion and modelling industry, while still holding on firmly to my artistic background.

Adrenus Craton Any muse?

Yes, there are actually two. For some years one of them has been the first face of Novelmodels Elite Victor Savkin. He was one of the main inspirations behind the founding of Novelmodels Elite and I owe my entry onto the fashion scene to him. It sparked the interest in Italian luxury menswear designer, Canali, the attending of their fashion shows in Milan, the meeting of Elisabetta Canali herself, (another inspirational woman) and the liaising of many of our initial photo shoots with Claudia Catalano, PR for the luxury label. As for the other, and in regards to

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