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The ArtWall is a gallery with a difference. Artists here work on the galleries interior surfaces, and are allowed to interpret the walls as an "intermediate space" for their work. The artWall reflects the contemporary artist who creates his/her own reality in combining infinite information and stimuli from the urban setting.

The multiple interior surfaces of the exhibition space refer us to the movie "The cube" by Vincenzo Natali (1997) in describing a complex structural system, a linear gateway to the next destination. Art creates infinite variables for the artist but also for visitors to go to pass on to the next state of mind.

The ArtWall in Athens brings together contemporary artists who produce ideas and projects – documenting concepts and images of the city, often contradictory to each other.


Paul Sarz is a jewellery designer based in Athens. Born and raised in Greece, the designer is inspired by this city and knows what it truly means to be an Athenian. He began designing jewellery from an early age and opened his first store in the centre of Athens in April 2010. This fabulous jeweller's shop is a showcase for the unique, and has an exclusive collection of pendants, rings and earrings which show influences from both the ancient world and the Victorian era, but still manage to look edgy and modern.