Drink and Dine


Inspired by the urban landscape of Athens early last century, created an urban cafe, the Asty 68. Keeping the tradition, but with strong elements of classic architecture is adapted to the modern urban landscape and lifestyle. A place of assembly, communication and entertainment for all hours of the day, next to the railway lines.

In the morning you can relax with Greek coffee on the coals and sweet preserves. Noon and late evening available fine dining and delicacies. Asty 68 place great emphasis on raw materials and their cuisine based on products of designated origin and organic products from producers across Greece.


Six d.o.g.s is a day and night cultural entertainment centre at the heart of Athens Monastiraki, which organically combines a project space for presenting visual art projects and one-off events with a bar. The bar launched in October 2009 and is an elongated dark space. All of the surfaces here have been painted completely black, with the only light source being a colourful Greek-Taverna style lamp structure hanging from the ceiling, at the very centre of the space. On a daily basis there are local DJs on circulation, playing mostly Indie music and it always opens from eight pm until the early hours of the morning.