Sandals made from yoga mats? Absolutely! Discover Sanük!

Montreal, March 1, 2012 – Sanük, the famous Californian sandal brand, would like to introduce the two stars of their new 2012 Spring-Summer collection : the women's Yoga Mat sandal and the men's Beer Cozy sandal. Comfortable in all available varieties (such as Yoga Spree), they offer your feet a truly unique experience thanks to their yoga mat and beer cozy soles. Cushioned, textured, durable, and flexible, Sanük yoga mat sandals makes every walk a delight, while framing your feet in the most suitable way.


"Our Yoga Mat sandal is one of the most innovative products! The comfort it provides cannot be found anywhere else. Yours to discover! With over a million units sold worldwide, it is our best seller thus far, and I am certain that this spring and summer many Quebecers will be Yoga Mat and Beer Cozy junkies", asserts JS Weir, National Sales Manager, Sanük Canada. In addition to its insole made from genuine yoga mats, the Yoga Mat is distinguished by its flexible strap and its design; made from high quality synthetic leather. Its outsole, made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), is lightweight and is wondrous in terms of support and durability. Equally well equipped in terms of its sole, the Beer Cozy is offered, depending on the model, with a synthetic or textile strap and a toe anchor designed for optimal foot comfort. The designs are 100% vegan. It should be no wonder the Yoga Mat won the 2011 SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturer Association), Women’s Footwear Product of the Year! Comfort. Outdoors. Surf. Sanük, meaning pleasure and happiness in Thai, was founded in California some 15 years ago by Jeff Kelley, a surfer. His priority? To provide good quality products, unparalleled comfort, and excellent value per price-point for surfers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and all those who simply want to please their feet. As an industry leader in terms of innovation, Sanük is known for their creative use of unusual materials; such as their first sandal designed from camping mats. A wide range of sandals and Sidewalk Surfers In addition to its yoga mat sandals - a unique product, Sanük sells more than 180 types of footwear, including many Sidewalk Surfers; a type of shoe that retains the attributes of a sandal. Thanks to this patented concept, they combine great flexibility with a strong ability to embrace natural movements, thus marrying the style and protection of the shoe to the comfort and freedom of a sandal. Notable models are the popular women's June Bug and Shorty, as well as the men's best-sellers the Scurvy and the Standard. Some Sanük models are also available in leather, and many designs are equipped with extra-soft, bouncy, and antimicrobial EVA soles. June Bug and Shorty (women's Sidewalk Surfers) Classic, cute, and comfortable, the women's June Bug Sidewalk Surfer is an expression of the Sanük spirit. Light, vulcanized, and styled, it slips on with ease. Incorporating an antimicrobial additive and offering astonishing flexibility by way of its elastic sides and hand-made canvas top, it grips the foot securely while optimizing natural movements. As for the Shorty, it is equipped with an EVA sole and a detailed canvas top, integrating subtle coloured particles. Feminine, comfortable, and easy to put on, it is entirely made from vegan materials. Scurvy and Standard (men's Sidewalk Surfers) Styled, functional, and innovative, the men's Scurvy Sidewalk Surfer is one of Sanük's biggest hits. Thanks to its lightweight design, optional laces, high-performance outsole, and 360 ° antimicrobial protection, it is as perfect for marine adventures as it is for everyday life. The Standard, also a popular model, slips on with ease while possessing several advantages of the Scurvy. However, it is different in that it possesses a unique design that is 100% vegan and vegetarian. About Sanük Founded in 1997 in California by surfer Jeff Kelley, Sanük designs and sells creative and inspired sandals bearing one of the most distinctive designs. Functional, efficient, and stylish, their products are designed for children and adults alike, and have won several prestigious awards such as being named Footwear Product of the Year twice by the SIMA Image Awards, in 2008 (Sidewalk Surfer) and again in 2010 (Yoga Mat). Highly innovative, Sanük is known for both its use of unusual materials and its Sidewalk Surfers - what they refer to as “Not-A-Shoe”, a patented design that offers feet organic comfort and natural flexibility. Sanük products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide. The company also sponsors surf and freeclimbing teams that include world-renown elite athletes such as Daniel Woods and Chris Sharma, one of the most respected rock-climbers, as well as surfers Donavon Frankenreiter and Dave Rastovich. Outlets in Quebec (and online):
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