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Henrietta Lily MooreTiffany Schultz

Henrietta Lily Moore

Henrietta Moore is well regarded in the presenting industry since she has anchored for global television network, Fashion One’s lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news show Fashion Frontline. Now she comes back for the show’s current season.

During Henrietta’s hiatus from the news show, she worked on 'A Season of Change' filming in New Zealand and Australia. This is a 12-week body, self-image and lifestyle event for the empowerment of women, a cause very close to Henrietta's heart. In 2013 Henrietta also worked for the English network ‘Property Search TV’ presenting and writing property shows as well as relocation guides. Later in the year she traveled Europe as a travel host, writing and presenting large segments of historical fact. Whilst Henrietta is an adventurous person and loves to push the boundaries physically including doing bungee jumps and zip wires for productions, she also manages to successfully host serious features. This is especially exemplified from her work on ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ where she handled topics of suicide, depression and anxiety with maturity beyond her years.

Although Henrietta’s passion and career is centered upon presenting, she has had considerable success in the modeling and acting realm, having appeared on global television shows Made in Chelsea, Peep show and The Matt Lucas awards. Her modeling portfolio includes an impressive array of print, catwalk and commercials for both local and international labels.

Henrietta Lily MooreTiffany Schultz

Tiffany Schultz

Born and raised in San Diego, California - art, fashion and travel run in Tiffany's blood. With an artist/architect as a father, a prominent travel agent as a mother and a fabric retail entrepreneur as a stepmother – form, function and fun were always the center of Tiffany’s universe. As a child Tiffany’s grandparents took her around the world, instilling an unshakable sense for the classic elegance of their generation as well as a deep respect for the merits of travel and international creativity.

With an eye for the arts and a hand for the palette, Tiffany was seemingly bound for the professional world of fine art. She won multiple art scholarships and awards throughout high school and was intent on being a fine artist. But with the advent of new technology Graphic Design soon became her new passion as she quickly mastered the medium of digital art…but fashion and media had different plans for her. Tiffany’s striking personality and stunning features garnered modeling jobs with Euphora, EAS, Bud Light and on-camera hosting features with surf movie mogul Taylor Steele, fitness icon Competitor Magazine as well as a multitude of TV commercials and spokesperson roles.

In front of the camera Tiffany is a natural, but her nature is to thrive behind the camera. Upon graduating from Cal State San Marcos with a degree in Mass Media Communications she began editing and creating short films when she met award-winning filmmaker (and future husband) Matt Weddle. Immediately Tiffany’s innate eye for design combined with Matt’s experience in cinematography to create an elite production team. Soon they would be spending their honeymoon producing travel shows for resorts around the world, which Tiffany would host and edit, and would lead them to producing fashion content for a company called Fashion One.

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