Graduated with an MA in costume design from the prestigious Royal Academy of Art of Antwerp, Anja is Belgian and originally from Bosnia. Working in Berlin for the Opera, will her Costume design skills pair with Fashionable?



Lalit is young and successful designer from New Delhi. He already has his own brand and has a huge clientele including celebrities from Bollywood and decided to challenge himself before showing for the first time at India Fashion Week.



Marta is a kind and talented fashion designer from Spain. She has the advantage of already showing her designs for a few years in Spain. Let's hope her impeccable sexy style will help her to make it through.


United Kingdom

Originally from Italy but born and raised in Germany, Ivana is a successful entrepreneur who manages her own brand in London. True to herself, she deigns what she likes and is very conscious about environmental issues. She is the most self-confident designer in the competition and the oldest. Does her confidence and undeniable construction abilities bring her to the top?



Sandro is an extremely talented Swiss designer. He worked in the design department of Vivienne Westwood in London before he went off to produce his own label 'SARO' in NYC. Considered as the real artist of the show, does his talent be enough to manage the pressure?



An Italian fashion designer specialized in Knitwear who breathe for eco fashion and fair trade. Does her ethical style help her in the competition?



A student from SLIMS Fashion and Arts School in Manila, she used to study Fine Arts before getting into fashion. Will she be the underdog taking over the competition thanks to her ability to use unusual materials?