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Jim York

Jim York

25 years experience. Founded the Miami film school. Knows how Fashion connects completely with the entertainment business.

Jim York is the Founder and Director of the Palm Beach and Miami Film Schools. The educational objective of the Palm Beach and Miami Film Schools is to teach students of all ages how to write, shoot, direct and edit their own short, character-driven comedy, drama or horror film. He created this film school concept to enable students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn how to take a creative film idea from a concept to reality and actually make a film at an affordable tuition. Jim has been the Executive Producer of over 400 student films of which over fifty have won achievement awards at various film festivals. Jim's strengths include helping graduates with internships and securing entry-level employment positions in the film and video production industry.

Jim is an industry professional with 25 plus years of top level school management experience which includes working as Executive Director of the Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting, National Admissions Director for the Columbia Schools of Broadcasting, and franchise owner and founder of the CSB/Boston School.

Jim graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Education and did post-graduate work in Corporate and Political Communications at Fairfield University.